The pigeon Kapota and me

The story starts at the beginning of my yoga practice, when I discovered for the first time a pose named pigeon prep (kapotasana) ! My bloody hips were not so used to rotate in this kind of way, so, for the first time, it was like “Oh my god, what’s that !??”, while the ballerina just on my right side was already lying down, totally elongated on her yoga mat… I wasn’t even able to put my right shin parallel to the front of my mat when my hips were still about 20 cm above the floor!

And forget the pain on my knee… and my stupid ego pushing me to put my shin more parallel when my hips refused to rotate…

So, this pose became to be a nightmare, as we do it all the time!

–         It’s good for you, it’s a hips opener ! Use to say my dear teacher.

–         As I didn’t feel my hips already ! (was I thinking, oups, out loud!)

–         I know. Keep breathing, smile …

–         … And enjoy, I know!

Step by step, thanks Mother Nature, my hips started to rotate more easily, and this blasted pigeon became to be less hurting… As time goes by, every time one of my teachers asked us to go into this pose, I think my right eyebrow came up halfway to join my hairs, showing my disapprobation and my pain-to-be-feel!

At this stage, the pigeon pose became to be a joke between my teachers, me and the rest of the group, starting with :

–         And now, David’s favourite, and specially for him, take your right shin forward, parallel to the front of your yoga mat… and so on, and so on… pigeon prep ! (going so far as to pronounce pigeon with a French accent! ha ha ha)

I think in Istanbul, after so long, everyone knows it now ! Bloody pigeon !

But I take my revenge…

Happy pigeon !



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