Overcoming fear

« Fears are educated into us, and can, if we wish, be educated out »

Karl Augustus Menninger

 « The enemy is fear. We think it’s hate, but it’s fear »

Mahatma Gandhi


Fear is a part of our life, but not a fatality. Step by step, one fear at the time, we can beat it out of our life, gently and kindly with ourselves.

peur fear

First of all, awareness. You have to recognize that fear is causing havoc in your life. Then, ask yourself, truly, what is holding you back? Get specific about what exactly you’re afraid of… Whatever the answer is, keep it for you, but be very honest with yourself.

Face your fear, to become stronger. Fear is a big obstacle in your path. You have to believe in yourself, because you are powerful. We all have inner strength, we just, most of the time, don’t know where it is and how to use it. So, breath, take your shoulder back and smile…

Be open, and open-minded. Don’t close up. Your fear may come from something you misunderstand. Most of the time, fear comes from situations we misjudged, just because we don’t know, we don’t have any idea how to process them. Someone said « FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real »…

Don’t live in an illusion. Don’t bury your head in the sand. Not facing fear doesn’t mean you are safe. Your mind is not always your best friend. Stop your own mind restraining yourself into delusive limits. Building those limits is stopping you to create your own freedom.

Be curious. Focus on what is beyond your fear instead of focusing on what you fear. Did you ever think about how marvellous your world would it be, without it? Think about how amazing it was, the last time you discovered something new… Let this feeling take you further than the walls of fear.

Remove separation, become one again. Our modern society, its values, and your own ego keep you separated from yourself, your true self. These divisions create barriers, limits; amplify differences and separations. All of that creates fear.

See the similarities. When you see an other person, do you ask yourself how you both are different, or how you are both alike? Ego loves to judge (thus, creates separation) to strengthen itself. Consequently, you feel more secure and safe, even stronger. But if you are looking for similarities, you will feel not only safe, but relieved, happy, because you will recognize something that you also are.


We all are alike. Looking for similarities in others brings unity, creates warmth, openness, curiosity and happiness. Change your perspectives and focus on positive thoughts. It’s not an easy path, but little by little, you will become more curious, less fearful. Because you will learn how your mind, helped by your ego, was controlling you, you will take back your inner force and become free.


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