Wonder Woman was a great yogini

I know, it sounds maybe strange, but Wonder Woman, this kitschy character born in December 1941 as a comic but better known in the 70’s through the Wonder Woman TV series starring by Lynda Carter, was a great yogini.

a great yogini

Wonder Woman came along at a time in the 70’s that was absolutely right. It was a time where the women movements were hitting its stride. « I think she is an inspiration », said Linda Carter. And her producer, Douglas Cramer, was thinking the same: « we got letters from young girls saying I never thought that I can have a life like that … There is all these jobs out there and all those things I can do with my life that I never thought was possible ». Therefore, she was an inspiration, at that time…

And she was sexy! But far more than just that. « I wasn’t really thinking about being sexy either », said Lynda…

Alex Ross, the artist/illustrator, was saying in an interview:

« Here is this woman, a very gorgeous woman, running half naked essentially, wearing pretty much a swim outfit and somehow, she comes across as not being ultra sexual and in fact, she is the symbol of young woman as not being defiled by this exposure… »

Lynda Carter: « She has womanhood » … »The character was taking as what the character meant to be: as an object of energy and motion, not as corrupted sexuality or « for the boy »… « I never worked on a sexy/sexual image of the character. Women, at that time, never felt threaten by Wonder Woman because that was not was I was about »… »I found that crane of true inside myself that I share with that character. That part of me that will stand up for what I believed in and want to make things better. Those qualities that I saw in myself or felt within myself that I gave to her »… « A sense of grace, and style, and dignity »(added Alex Ross)…

take a twist on your left side :-)

take a twist on your left side 🙂

She has strength, kindness. Her truest power and beauty come from within. The magic tools she brings are only as good as her own ability, confidence and courage to wield them. In that regard, she is not different from you and me… She is there for you, to help you, support you, always available, you can count on her. She represents a symbol of all glorious gifts that reside in the spirit of Woman. Her sense of power and potential – the Wonder Woman within – whispered to all women « you can be anything you want to be ». She helped many women believe in their own unique power, their hidden strengths, their intellect and instincts, and (that’s the precious gift!), encouraged them to let their own unexpressed (true) self soar.

When there is someone who helps you to believe in yourself,

that’s the greatest gift that Wonder Woman is given:

you can believe in and be yourself.


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