Botox or Yoga

yoga vs botoxAh, the famous self-image! Too often mixed up with self-esteem, small physical hang-ups bring us sometimes to extreme solutions. If everybody knows the famous final line « nobody’s perfect » since « Some like it hot » with Marilyn Monroe, it is difficult sometimes to accept our own small faults. Especially when the modern world imposes an image of physical perfection very difficult to reach.

Instead of recognizing in each the uniqueness and its specific beauty, we try to erase any diversity, by proposing a model of « cannon of beauty » when we speak ceaselessly about biodiversity! Hummm …

This morning, hoping to see a beautiful reportage on TV, I fell on a broadcast dedicated on Botox. Everybody knows this miracle substance which erases magically wrinkles and other tracks of time. But it erases at the same time any natural facial expression. There is a practical side: when you will receive your next gift, even if you are disappointed, nobody will notice it!

The problem is rarely our small wrinkles, but a deeper malaise, connected not only to a problem of temporal imprint on our face, but also to a self-acceptance, such as we are. A difficulty, more arduous to accept, is added: ageing. Seeing ourselves change, physical appearance betraying our age, our capacities decreasing, not always easy to accept! Nevertheless, it is not a fate. Moreover, Botox is not the only solution, nor the ideal solution…

Let’s have in mind that this « magic potion » is actually a dangerous toxin. What we inject is not really a harmless product. Trying to remain impartial, truly, now, no study demonstrated harm for health when the product is injected in reasonable quantities. On the other hand, long-term effects for the body are still unknown. So, prudence, especially with pharmaceutical industries and of their communiqués…

Making some researches on the net (let’s remain curious), I even fell on an article which claims that Botox helps fighting against depression, the scourge of the age: what a good news! Indeed, according to certain sources, it contains substances that manipulate brain and encourage a good mood, and would allow depressive persons to develop a more positive approach everyday life hazards. But how?

We know this product allows paralyzing temporarily (!) connections between neurons and muscles, to avoid them to move. Doctors assert this would also have positive effects on a patient psychological behaviour. This « good mood » effect would come by preventing the physical expression of negative feelings, and thus, Botox would improve the mood. If good mood is due to the simple fact of not frowning, why simply not smiling, instead of scowling?

On the contrary, other studies show, by preventing the expression of negative feelings, that Botox could extend these feelings, because not expressed, and thus, could increase the risks to enter in a negative spiral. As says it wisely a doctor: « the problem is that Botox paralyzes muscles used to communicate. It is thus difficult to predict the global consequences, especially as this substance is too young to have been tested on its long-term effects ».

Be it as it may, dangerous substance or not, taking cover a psychic problem with a chemical « face-lift » does not seem very adapted. It is like hiding dust under a carpet: dust is still there!

An inner deeper work is necessary. Accepting ourselves, such as we are, putting forward our qualities and learning how to develop them, rather than concentrate on our defects, accepting that nothing is unchanging, that everything changes, even us.

Yoga, particularly the approach of some of them, like Kundalini, Jivamukti or Anusara Yoga, includes spirituality during the physical practice. It allows us to re-appropriate our body, to regain dynamism and flexibility, to fight against some aging effects, as decrease of our osseous mass, degenerative osteoarthritis or back pain, while taking back control of our mind.

For example, the spirituality on which builds itself the practice of Anusara Yoga, Tantra, speaks directly to the heart, sees the goodness and the beauty in everyone. Thus, each develops the best of himself, in an environment exempt of judgment, in the respect of every person and his own possibilities. Truly transformative, this philosophy brings a real and long-lasting wealth support. As said the older, « Mens sana in corpore sano » (a healthy mind in a healthy body).

Now, Botox or Yoga?

Enjoy your practice! 🙂


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