A journey through yourself

Who does not know the famous magic words pronounced by Aladdin? In this fabulous story, which dives us into the Middle East mysteries, the dark & terrifying cave, at the same time so promising, can be interpreted as a symbol of ignorance. Saying the magic password, Aladdin overcomes his fear, and so, becomes free from his own ignorance.

This ignorance, according to Buddhism, is the first cause of suffering. To free ourselves from it, it is much simpler than we think. We just have to show curiosity, to investigate, to self-open to the world. To make a first step towards this emancipation, David and Pascale come up with a day around opening and discovery.


Self-liberation and opening to the world come through 2 essential ways: overcoming his apprehensions and freeing himself from barriers. It is a first great step towards a real self-knowledge.



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