Türk Halkı Yaşasın ! Hurrah for the Turkish People

I’m maybe « out of time », but I’m a child of the seventies.Turkish pride

I’m maybe naive, but I love « flower power ».

I’m maybe a « dreamer », but I believe in freedom.


As a man, I’m born with a nationality.

As yogi, I consider myself as a citizen of the world.

Moreover, as a free living creature, I don’t belong to anyone, to any country, to any kind of religion, to any political movement. I respect and honour every culture; I love and honour their diversity as richness.

I just obey and honour what I believe in.


Being a yogi is not just doing some crazy postures on a yoga mat (even if we love it), it is also to be present in our daily time, to act for the principles in which we believe, and to defend them when they are damaged.

Being a pacifist is not to stand back, but to fight for what we believe in.

Not with violence, but by making known around us injustices, hostilities, manipulations of some elite (etc.) with the aim of making things change.

Not with brutality, but by firmly standing up against what we believe is wrong.

Not with weapons, but with our pride and the strength of our convictions, in peaceful and loving actions, for the sake of each and every one of all of us.


I see all of that in the proud and courageous people of Turkey, who just fight spontaneously against too much interference in their life and freedom, against a government that does not any more work for them, but for itself. Leaders (any kind of them, politicians, managers of holding company, or simple …) are not there to serve themselves (their Ego) but people who choose (or not) them as leader.


People of Istanbul, and of the whole Turkey, did not need anyone to bring them together, and to organize a resistance against what they believe in.


Why they will win?


Because they deep believe in their rights, because they fight for them, because they are united as a whole, without any kind of division :

they are not fighting because they belong to a syndicate or a political group,

they are not fighting against religious or racial principles,

they are fighting FOR the sake of FREEDOM and HUMAN TRUE RIGHTS !


It’s not a « Spring », just a movement of all the Turkish Citizen, no political organisations, nor institutions or racial discrimination, just PEOPLE, from all parties & all ethnic groups.


« Divide ut regnes » (divide and rule) was far too long a reality. They now say STOP (« in the name of love », as the song says).

They are not simply « Turkish » « Kurdish » « Laz » « Alevi » « Fenerli » « Rum » « Foreigner » « Tourist »,

they are responsible and aware citizen,

taking their lives back, fighting for their rights.

You make the world pride of you!

As occidental people, we are often shocked because in some « poor » African country, in Middle or Extreme-Orient, some human rights are not really respected, or governments abused people, or children are working… We are sad 20 minutes (prime news duration) because TV channels show us penury of water in Africa, murderous flood in South Asia, or cruel war consequences somewhere in the planet.

When will we realized that we are responsible for that ??? !!!

When we buy cheap discount products, we support the slavery of people who have no other choice than to work for nothing.

When we buy cheap discount products, we support leaders who care just about their popularity, and high standard of life.

When we buy cheap discount products, we depreciate ourselves, and people working to make them.

And we are contributing to exhaust our natural resources and to pollute our planet.


I believe, and it makes me very sad, that people in Occident are not anymore free, not because their media can’t say what they want to, or because our internet access is not censored. We believe, because we have elections, we can choose freely our destiny. Is that really true?, If so, why people are so much struggling right now everywhere???


I hope the People of Turkey will be an example for the rest of the world, inspired the whole world, and helps people truly to open their eyes and mind, and give them enough courage to stand up for their principles and their freedom.


I know, I’m a dreamer, but who said that dreams never come true!!??? See Istanbul, See Turkey…


Peace, love and harmony


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