CELEBRATE THE LIGHT – on the 21st of June


21st of June, the longest day – Grant 5 minutes to those who suffer…

 celebrate 21 june

Tomorrow, June the 21st, is the longest day of the year.


In these dark days, let’s celebrate the light.


Light is source of life, pushes away the shade, makes disappear ancestral fears, repels ignorance, reveals and makes appear things such as they are. Light is source of consciousness, enjoyment, beauty.


On June 21st, to celebrate all of this, and especially to offer the light to those who suffer,

to support all the peoples, all the persons who, in this world,

are victims of abuse, whatever kind of abuse it is,

I propose you, at 9:21 pm,

to stop somewhere, in the silence (no TV, no phone, no music, no chat…),

and during 5 minutes, to think of those who suffer, and to send them your unconditional support.


It is sometimes difficult to be able to imagine or feel the suffering of someone else… We all suffered somehow in our lives, a love which ends, the loss of a beloved, a serious illness, a natural disaster, a car accident… Think of this event, feel what you felt at this moment. Be aware that the persons who suffer now in Turkey, in Brazil, because they have the courage to fight for their rights, feel what you felt. Think of the victims who continue to suffer consequences of Fukushima in Japan, think of the peoples who starve somewhere in the globe, and of those who are at your door, of your neighbour, at the end of the street, who lost his dignity because he lost his work…


For 5 minutes, send your support to all them and to you too, because nobody, absolutely nobody, is under cover from the abuses of the system we all live in.

Thank you.


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