Valentine’s Day Stress -o- Stress de la Saint Valentin

Valentin(e)   –   Stress   –   arrrrrrrggggggg – Oh my, I’m so fat and ugly, I’ll never find a valentine this year again 😦 – Don’t be stupid, look at me, I’m gorgeous, and still single… – Stop whining you both, every year since ever, it’s the same old tune : I’m too ugly, I’m so fabulous, … Lire la suite

Wonder Woman was a great yogini

I know, it sounds maybe strange, but Wonder Woman, this kitschy character born in December 1941 as a comic but better known in the 70’s through the Wonder Woman TV series starring by Lynda Carter, was a great yogini. Wonder Woman came along at a time in the 70’s that was absolutely right. It was … Lire la suite

Wonder Woman était une grande yogini

Je sais, ça peut semble bizarre, mais Wonder Woman, ce personnage kitchissime né en décembre 1941 sous forme de BD, rendu populaire grâce à Lynda Carter dans la série télé des années 70, était bien une grande yogini. L’arrivée de Wonder Woman dans les années 70 ne pouvait pas mieux tomber, au moment où les … Lire la suite

ABSOLUT YOGA – Connecting People

Just for the fun… I was inspired this morning 🙂 Maybe it will make more people come to yoga!!!!

The pigeon Kapota and me

The story starts at the beginning of my yoga practice, when I discovered for the first time a pose named pigeon prep (kapotasana) ! My bloody hips were not so used to rotate in this kind of way, so, for the first time, it was like “Oh my god, what’s that !??”, while the ballerina … Lire la suite