Unveil your Soul – Yoga Retreat in South Turkey

An inside quest toward the Real You – Çiralı – South Turkey – May 23-30, 2015 During this week in the beautiful area in the southern part of Turkey, we will explore the whole range of yoga poses, highly inspired by Anusara and Vinyasa yoga styles, from standing posture to inversions, from arm balances to … Lire la suite

Botox or Yoga

Ah, the famous self-image! Too often mixed up with self-esteem, small physical hang-ups bring us sometimes to extreme solutions. If everybody knows the famous final line « nobody’s perfect » since « Some like it hot » with Marilyn Monroe, it is difficult sometimes to accept our own small faults. Especially when the modern world imposes an image of … Lire la suite

Botox ou Yoga

Ah, la fameuse image de soi ! Trop souvent associée à l’estime de soi, un petit complexe physique nous amène quelquefois à des solutions extrêmes. Si, depuis le « Certains l’aiment chaud » de Marilyn Monroe, tout le monde connait la célèbre réplique finale « personne n’est parfait », difficile parfois d’accepter ses propres petits défauts. D’autant plus que la … Lire la suite

A like Anusara & Ayurveda

A is becoming lately one of the most important letters in my life… A comme Anusara : Anusara is the yoga style I discovered a few years ago, and changed my life in so many levels. The spirit and the foundation of Anusara Yoga is related to the famous three A’s : Attitude, Alignment & … Lire la suite