Anusara Yoga – what is that ?

For me, yoga is a journey. Who says journey, said discoveries, secret paths, unexplored land, magic moments, difficult times, awarenesses, and transformation. It is a inner journey, a rediscovery of yourself and your real nature, your true self, an adjustment sometimes, a re-connexion with yourself and others, which became, with time, indispensable to my physical … Lire la suite

Anusara Yoga – Mais qu’est-ce que c’est ?

Pour moi, le yoga est un voyage. Qui dit voyage, dit découvertes, chemins secrets, contrées inexplorées, instants magiques, moments difficiles, prises de conscience, transformation. C’est un voyage au coeur de soi, un réapprentissage de soi-même, une (re)découverte de sa vraie nature, de son Essence Authentique, une mise au point parfois, une reconnexion avec soi et … Lire la suite


Some thoughts I had back from India, trying to combine Anusara et Ayurveda principles In Ayurveda as in Yoga, the universe shows itself through three fundamental principles. The Yoga tradition calls them GUNAS, Ayurveda names them DOSHAS. Vata Dosha, in which air and space are dominant, expresses himself in the movement and refers to the … Lire la suite