Chapter 1: standing poses

In the physical practice, which contributes to the spiritual practice, asanas, or postures, are classified in various categories, which all bring benefits to body and mind. Standing poses Standing poses are in a way the frame of the postural architecture. They refine and tone up legs, correct feet and ankles, develop strength and mobility of … Lire la suite

« Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional » Chapter 3: Narcissistic wounds and path of way-out

« Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional » Chapter 3: Narcissistic wounds and path of way-out (Like chapter 2, inspired Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes – You can see her full article here :   « Healing is different than knowledge alone. […] It is retooling basic attitudes at root with support and guidance from the psyche, it … Lire la suite

Wonder Woman was a great yogini

I know, it sounds maybe strange, but Wonder Woman, this kitschy character born in December 1941 as a comic but better known in the 70’s through the Wonder Woman TV series starring by Lynda Carter, was a great yogini. Wonder Woman came along at a time in the 70’s that was absolutely right. It was … Lire la suite

L’île au trésor – Treasure Island

You find a map, a treasure map, but a special one… Where will you stop ? As Buddha said, « There is only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting ». And a French proverb says : « A vouloir trop avoir, l’on perd tout » (One who … Lire la suite

Compassion : solidarity of the heart

One of my students last week admitted that she did not really understand why compassion is a good thing. I understand that very well, because in French, the concept of compassion is not so easy to combine with a positive meaning… I found one day this definition : Compassion (from Latin « cum patior », I suffer … Lire la suite